What is GRAChIE (Pronounced GRACIE)?

The Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE) is a big name with a big goal.

GRAChIE is a network that connects practitioners and healthcare settings across Georgia, all of whom have made the decision to participate for one reason - to improve patient care.

Across the country, networks like GRAChIE, known as Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), are being formed. Currently, GRAChIE links providers across Georgia from various care settings, including pediatrics, primary care, long-term care, home health and hospitals.

The purpose is to ensure that you and your family receive the best healthcare possible. GRAChIE will allow doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers to share vital information securely and electronically, reducing the need for patients to relay their medical information to every health professional involved with their care.

For additional information or to opt-out visit their website